Timestamp Package Prices

If you use our life Time Stamping Server or a dedicated hosted Time Stamping Server (SaaS) you need to purchase packages of timestamps. Packages are only valid for one year!

QuantitiesPrice USD
10015 USD
1,00049 USD
5,000149 USD
10,000249 USD
50,000999 USD
100,0001499 USD
unlimited 2999 USD


Prices hosted Server (SaaS)

In case you are using our dedicated hosted Time Stamping Server you will have to pay a monthly fee of 100 USD.

The monthly free of 100 USD can be used as credit to purchase timestamp packages or you can opt that you get every month 2,500 free timestamps.

Unused credits and unused timestamps will expire after 12 month or with the termination of the rental contract.


Prices Timestamping Server to install in own data-center

The price for the software itself to issue an unlimited amount of time stamps in your  own data-center is 2999 USD. Additionally you need to book a maintenance contract for 599 USD/year.

If you need to install the software in your data-center BUT you do not need an unlimited amount please contact for an individual quote.


Contact form

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to purchase a package or if you require an individual quote for your project. You can contact us at or the form below.
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