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How do I get the time stamping certificate?

If you are planning to run your own time stamping server it is essential to use a proper time stamping certificate. Otherwise Office or Adobe might ignore the time-stamp.

In case you purchase our server solution we can supply you with the time stamping certificate as well OR we assist you to create a time-stamping certificate template in your Windows Certification Authority.

Can I evaluate your server?

Of course you can evaluation our server. You can either configure your time stamping client to use our demo URL on

You can also install our software in your data-center for testing. Please contact us on for further information.

How does a Time Stamp differ from a notary?

A Time Stamp provides unequivocal proof that the contents of any computer file existed at a point-in-time and have not changed since that time. The digital stamp is virtually impossible to forge.

What is it good for?

  • Before signing an NDA, you can keep a trusted proof of the knowledge you had in that field prior to to signing it.
  • You can prove you developed a specific revision of your software in a specific point in time by time stamping the hash of your revision tree. With Git, its as simple as time stamping the current commit SHA1.
  • Before sharing your ideas with third parties, you can time stamp the information you’re about to share with them, as well as the fact that you’re sharing it with them, to help resolve possible disputes.
  • Contracts can be time stamped (along with digital signatures of both parties) to prove when they were signed.
  • Musicians and other digital art producers can prove when they created their work.

What are digital time stamps used for?

Digital time stamps are mainly used for archiving documents at a precise time or stamping business documents such as contracts. This means that it can be proven easily and transparently at any time that the corresponding data set has not been changed since the exact time of the stamp.

Can I download your software to install it on my own server

Of course you can. You can download it from

Please contact for an evaluation key.

Does anyone know a free or trial timestamp server service

Our trial URL is


Why should we set a timestamp when we do a signature

If your signing certificate expires or is being revoked and there’s no timestamp then there is no way to verify that the signature was made at a time when the certificate was valid, so previous signatures become invalid.

Timestamping involves a third party (usually your CA) attesting that you made the signature at a particular time. Regardless of when your certificate expires, somebody validating your signature can then verify that your certificate was valid at the time you used it.

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Is there a way to digitally sign documents to prove they existed at a certain point in time

This is called timestamping. The most widely used mechanism is defined in TSP specification (RFC 3161) and some others. The alternative method is used in MS Authenticode. We obviously support both standards.

TSP is used as a supplementary function in several encryption and digital signature standards, such as PDF, XAdES, CAdES, PAdES (AdES stands for “Advanced encryption standard”). PDF, XAdES and PAdES standards are applied to certain type(s) of data. CAdES is univeral format (as it can be applied for any generic data).

What is a Cryptographic Time

This is called Timestamping (TSP protocol, RFC 3161). Different digital signature standards (PDF and XML signatures, CAdES, PAdES, XAdES) include support for advanced timestamping based on TSP.

MS Authenticode also includes timestamping, but uses different mechanism for it. We obviously support both mechanism.

TSP alone (without signature protocols) is not used a lot, but in conjunction with signature standards it becomes very handy.

How Can I Prevent Needing to Re-sign My Code Every 1 or 2 Years?

You need to timestamp your codesigning signature

Why should we set a timestamp server when we do a codesigning?

Timestamping is used to specify time when the digital signature is made. This is needed to properly validate the signature.

If signature timestamp is present, the application which validates (verifies) the signature, will check whether the certificates involved into signature validation were valid at the moment of signing. If there’s no timestamp for the signature, certificate validity is checked for the moment of signature validation, which is not always acceptable.

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