BlockChain and RFC #3161 compliant Time Stamping

Blockchain is the technology on which the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was built and is being seen by numerous thought leaders around the world as the foundation of the next big ‘industrial revolution’, offering substantial cost savings and efficiencies to a variety of transactions.

Even though Blockchain become popular the past years the technology behind it like Hash Trees, distributed databases, etc. is nothing new but an other accepted way to make sure registered transactions cannot be altered retroactively.

While nowadays many applications have a client component for RFC 3161 compliant TimeStamping inbuilt that is not the case for Blockchain. Since Blockchain is a technology but not a defined standard there will not be any standardized clients around very soon.

The logical conclusion is to use existing standards like RFC 3161 to publish the “Proof of Ownership” to any given Blockchain – and thus enhancing the legal quality of issued time token.

For example customer can use our TimeNotary to TimeStamp their documents RFC #3161 compliant and at the same time to publish the “Proof of Ownership” at a given time to their preferred Blockchain.

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