Aloaha HSM Module

Aloaha Hardware Security Module

A light-weight HSM for secure key generation and storage

Only 999 Euro!

ALOAHA HSM MODULE is a light-weight hardware security module for secure key generation and storage. It has been designed for PKI and cryptographic systems with low to moderate load. The unique build in support for card verifiable certificates as defined in TR-03110 (Extended Access Control) makes ALOAHA HSM MODULE the perfect choice for storing key material in an EAC-PKI. A trusted channel and public key attestation allow remote key generation and certificate issuance.


  • Supports RSA and ECDSA
  • Available as USB Token and on request also as plain Smart Card in full size or SIM Size.
  • Authenticated certificate signing requests as per TR-03110
  • Chip authentication and secure channel as per TR-03110
  • ISO 7816-4 command interface
  • User PIN 6 – 16 bytes
  • Standardized and proprietary domain parameters for ECC
  • Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified operating system
  • Up to 60 ECC GF(p) 256-bit keys
  • Up to 48 RSA 2048-bit keys
  • 55Kb in up to 50 elementary files
  • Works with Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Build-in PKI for remote management
  • Secure Messaging with asymmetric authentication
  • Made in Germany


  • RSA PKCS#1 V1.5/PSS with SHA-1/SHA-224/SHA-256
  • ECDSA GF(p) with SHA-1/SHA-224/SHA-256

Key Sizes

  • RSA with 1024, 1536 and 2048 bit
  • ECC with 192, 224, 256 and 320 bits


  • Your secret keys are stored in the tamper-resistant and PIN-protected device and are secured against computer viruses, loss and theft.
  • The device is PIN-protected and is secured against hardware attacks.
  • Backups protect against loss.


  • Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X
  • Works with any standard-A USB port


Key Generation with authenticated public key export
 On-Card with Export per minute
RSA 102410
RSA 15365
RSA 20482
ECC GF(p) 25610

Signature creation

 Off-Card Hash per minuteOn-Card Hash per minute
RSA 1024350125
RSA 1536200100
RSA 204810068
ECDSA GF(p) 256360125
SHA-256 with 1kb data


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