PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) now included in Aloaha Time Stamping Server

Many customer requested to issue digital signatures in the new PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) format. As usual we listened to our customer and included the new signature API in our Time Stamping Application.

PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a set of restrictions and extensions to PDF and ISO 32000-1 making it suitable for advanced electronic signature. It is published by ETSI as TS 102 778.

All you need to do is to reference our included ZUGFeRD Library. You find it in <Program Files 86>\common files\Aloaha\dotNETLibs\Aloaha_ZUGFeRD.dll.

Please note that for VB6 user we do have also a VB6 Wrapper available!

Below you find some sample code. Please note that most variables are declared as optional and thus do not need to be declared.

You need a valid license key to evaluation the API below. Please contact for the license key and assistance.


Dim LicenseKey As String = “R7TDU7PY7GPMUDX6CQQF4WVTBE”
Dim CertificateSerialNumber As String = “”      ‘Wenn Sie diesen Wert leer lassen werden Sie nach dem Zertifikat gefragt
Dim InputPDF As String = “d:\invoice.pdf”
Dim OutputPDF As String = “d:\invoice_signed.pdf”
Dim SignReason As String = “I have created this document”
Dim SignLocation As String = “Malta”
Dim SignContact As String = “Stefan”
Dim SignatureHashType As Integer = 2    ‘2 fuer SHA 256
Dim SignatureImagePath As String = “c:\unterschrift.jpg”     ‘Wenn Sie diesen Wert leer lassen dann wird unsichtbar signiert
Dim SignatureLeft As Double = 20
Dim SignatureTop As Double = 400
Dim SignatureWidth As Double = 200
Dim SignatureHeight As Double = 100
Dim SignPage As Integer = 1
Dim TSAURL =  “”    ‘Aloaha Demo Zeitstempel Server

Dim result As Boolean = Aloaha_ZUGFeRD.PDF.Sign_PDF( _
          InputPDF, _
          LicenseKey, _
          CertificateSerialNumber, _
          SignatureHashType, _
          SignReason, _
          SignContact, _
          SignLocation, _
          OutputPDF, _
          SignatureImagePath, _
          SignatureLeft, _
          SignatureTop, _
          SignatureWidth, _
          SignatureHeight, SignPage, “”, _
          True, _