SMS Aloaha. Easy but powerful SMS App inclusive SMS export to SD

Much has been said about email security but hardly anything about SMS security. Considering the amount of sensitive SMS sent on a daily base that is pretty surprising. As the recent stories with manipulated Nokia 1100 (just Google it) and the NSA have shown it is very much possible to intercept SMS from other users.

Many enterprises are aware that SMS have no better security than a plain postcard thus prohibiting the sending of sensitive information via SMS without encrypting them.

With its second version of Aloaha SMS Aloaha is now offering its secure SMS technology to a broader audience to increase the awareness to protect any communication against interception.

*** Features ***

  • Filter and sort SMS based on various criteria such as sender, date, content, etc.
  • Export SMS to SD Card
  • Share SMS via various methods
  • SMS clipboard editor
  • Easy reading and composing of SMS messages
  • Mail Archive Viewer included (via settings dialog)


Aloaha SMS

Aloaha SMS